Oral Pathology / Biopsy

Oral pathology is the medical science concerned with the clinical and microscopic nature of diseases of the oral cavity. Typically, the inside of the mouth is lined with a smooth/pink tissue known as mucosa. If you or your dentist notice any change to your mucosa such as white patches, ulcerations, pigmentations or lumps you may be developing a pathologic process or cancerous growth. Pain does not always occur with oral pathology, and is often not associated with oral cancer.
Establishing a diagnosis of an oral lesion involves a thorough clinical and x-ray examination. A definitive diagnosis most often requires a biopsy with microscopic examination. An oral biopsy can be performed in our office under a local or intravenous anesthetic. Once a diagnosis is determined, treatment recommendations are discussed. As with all forms of cancer, early diagnosis and treatment produces the best results.

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